Meningococcal B

Meningitis is a uncommon but very serious infection caused by bacteria Neisseria Meningitdis, it lives in our nose and our throat. Those who are at most risk are babies, under 5’s and teenagers. It can be transferred through kisses on the lips, sharing food & drinks, sneezing and coughing, and living in close quarters. We can all prevent Meningitis from spreading by doing the opposite of these! We need to stop sharing food and drinks with our mates, kissing on the lips, wearing a mask if you are sneezing and coughing, if you are living with a lot of people do not share toothbrushes and open windows for air circulation.

My Church

Church from my perspective, is  a place of prayer open to everyone from different cultures. It is the place that represents the body and blood of Christ , we receive it as spiritual nourishment from Jesus because he loves us.


We have been learning about protractors as a part of our math this term  based around angels. We learnt by watching different videos explaining what they were and how they are used. Once we fully understood our teacher Miss George used masking tape to different angels on our tables. we used our pencils and protractors to figure out each angel.




Blake NZ – VR

This week we had a session with BLAKE. This program taught us about the problems in the ocean using Virtual Reality headsets, we saw videos of all the different sea animals, the person from BLAKE also told us that they put a tracker on a whale named Wiremu, we watched Wiremu’s journey from when he left Auckland heading to Australia coming back around passing Antarctica. We also learnt about Sir Peter Blake the founder.

You may be wondering “Who on Earth is Peter Blake!?”  well… Peter Blake was a man who wanted to save the ocean, more specifically the animals living within it.

Peter Blake was a New Zealand yachtsmen who won the 1989-1990 Whitbread Round the World Race and the America’s Cup. He also had a passion for looking after the ocean and the sea animals within the ocean.

He turned his focus to taking care of the ocean and raising awareness of the issues the ocean faced. He would voyage to ‘environmental pulse points of the planet’ and tell the world what he had discovered. His exploration vessel the ‘Sea-master’ helped him and his crew journey around the world. Peter and his crew visited Antarctica to discuss and observe the impacts of global warming, they then traveled to the Amazon to look at the impacts of deforestation .

Unfortunately, Peter Blake was shot by pirates while journeying with his crew through the Amazon river.

Many people were devastated by this so they established the Sir Peter Blake Trust (BLAKE) in 2004 to continue his work.








Ki o Rahi

Yesterday afternoon we began our Ki o Rahi Tournament against other teams within our school ranging between years 4-8, the tournament was held by coach Trey, the teams would face against each other throughout the day, after the finals the team that won would win $100 (monopoly money of course!)  . The first teams to play off against each other were Rata (Red) and Kauri (Green), it was really intense, after all the sweat and tears the team that came victorious was Kauri. The next game was Totara (Yellow-the team I am captain for) versus Rimu (Blue), In this game my brother was playing, only 7 people were playing at this time. They all played their best , running as fast as they can, In the end Rimu won, I was still proud of my team. We played a bit more games after these first teams. To sum everything up, Rimu and Rata came 3rd, Totara came 2nd, Kauri came 1st winning the $100 monopoly money.

We all ended up with aching bodies, limping all the way to class. Overall I had an awesome time, would love to do this again with another school!

Nuclear Protesting

People angrily protesting


   anxious and careful

                                                                                         nervous, scared and cold

Seagulls flying above our heads

clouds turning grey

the annoying squawks irritates me

Big mad waves thrashing around

gushing through the sea

New Zealand set to mark anti-nuclear victory over the United States - ABC  News










Epro8 2023

This term we have started up our Epro8  journey once again. Epro8 is an engineering program for Yrs 6-8 lasting up to a week. Over the course of this week you must complete a set of tasks that include constructing different structures. We are sent long black rectangular boxes sent by Epro8. These boxes contained everything we needed to complete our tasks. During Epro8 you will still be doing your math, writing and reading, but from an engineering perspective.

We created a truck, the truck’s tailgate was supposed to  be able to lift up like a dump truck. Even though it was difficult and confusing we persevered . In the end we succeeded.










Letter of Advice- Nikita

From : Jack

To: T

Sup T, this morning was cool, I had fun in the parking lot .

Thanks for the beers by the way (I gave them to my cousin )

Hope everything’s alright at home. I heard you’re having trouble adjusting to some “changes”. Just know you are always welcome to crash at my place. If you need anyone to talk to my mum and I are here for you. Gotta go now, see you tomorrow.


PS- If you want to, you can try to communicate more with your mum, or any other family members like Brian and Becca. I know it may be hard , But you have to trust me… Ok?

Alright, Goodnight T