High Flying Giraffes – Nikita

I made it to the diving place, I could hear the clip clopping on white tiles and splashing “is there a pool” I thought. I started trotting forward trying to catch up with the group. Moving forward I notice a black little cube in the corner of my eye. I move closer and realize it’s a camera watching our every move. Posing for the camera before my friend Ellma pulls me back by my ears while Lupe’s laughing in the background. I quickly trot forward with the rest of the group. We get to this spiral looking path that leads up, the smell of the chemicals of the chlorine hits my senses, my ears are twitching in anticipation, my tail is wagging, I hear my heavy breathing.


The silence in disturbed by Ellma and Lupe arguing in the back about who gets to go dive first. I move in between them “stop arguing you two!” I said, they stop arguing, Ellma kicks my hoof and laughs.  Laughing with her, but inside I am crying and screaming in pain. We clopped along the spiral ramp and  came to a sudden halt. I realised that everyone had moved behind me “I guess I’m supposed to run up?” I gather my confidence and sprint forward.  Hearing the fast clip clopping rhythm, my heart races as I near the end of the diving board. My friend Ana is waiting to flip me, I could tell that she was nervous too.


I leap forward and grab onto her, she flips me over. I see the ceiling moving downwards as I start to flip backwards. I look back and see the glistening water nearing closer and closer. I’m about to hit the water, I shut my eyes SPLASH.  Hitting the water, I hear my friends cheering for me in the background. Their sounds were like murmurs as the water slowly filled my ears. I was about to swim towards the stairs leading out of the pool but I was too relaxed. I tried to float but I can’t get the hang of it, “how do those humans do it” I think to myself. trying again I finally get it. The water slowly drifts me away. I begin to feel sleepy and realize I am sinking. The water is filling my lungs, stopping my ability to breath. I quickly paddle towards the surface but I can feel some sort of invisible weight on me, “isn’t water supposed to make me weightless.” I am exhausted.


I make it to the stairs, my body lifting out of the water. I line up with my group, and we march to the edge of the pool. We all lean down to have some water, the water was kind of salty, I was too thirsty to care. With every step I make my breathing becomes heavier, my legs are aching, I feel as if I was going to lay down and sleep. We gallop towards the exit. Outside the sky was a gradient mix of pink,orange and yellow. I reflected on the event that happened today, “let’s not come back again.”

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