Alma- Nikita

A week ago we watched a video of a girl named Alma, We were asked to do a perspective writing piece.

I stroll down an alleyway, posters of missing children are hung up. I look to my right and see a black board. I see the names of my friends. I write my name on the board, the screeching sounds hurt my ears, I drop the chalk. A small squeaking sound alerts me. I look behind me, a doll is displayed in the window. Eerily the doll is my splitting image. I curiously walked closer to the window wiping condensation off of the glass, I gaze at the doll. I looked down to compare our outfits, to my surprise the doll disappeared. I hurry toward the door, I peer inside, the doll is sitting on a table surrounded by other dolls. I try to open the door , the door is locked. I keep trying, it won’t open. Out of frustration I picked up some snow, created a snowball then threw it at the door. Giving up I walk away disappointed. I hear a bell chime then comes a creak… the door opens.

I push the door open, walking in. There’s a sudden chill in the atmosphere, hundreds of porcelain dolls staring at me with glass eyes. I see the doll. I try to grab it, she vanishes. I look around . The sudden sound of wheels catches my attention, I look down to find a doll on a tipped over bike, I place it upright, it zooms past me. It heads for the door, the door slams shut “ was it trying to escape?” I thought out loud . My doll appears again , it is sitting on top of a shelf. I climb on top of a table. Stretching my arm out attempting to grab it. I touch the doll.

As soon as I touch the doll, I begin to feel hazy, I black out, little snippets of dolls appear, they stare at me . I open my eyes, everything is magnified, my eyes feel like circles. My face feels like porcelain. “Why am I not on the ground?” I look around at where I’m sitting, I’m sitting on a shelf. I hear ticking sounds coming from beside me, I turn, dolls stare at me with their glassy eyes. That’s when I realized… all of these dolls.. Are children… so am I..

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