Diary Entry 2

Dear Diary,


It’s the next day, we’re on a boat at the moment, the Palapa, when I first saw it I thought there were two boats, maybe it was hiding behind the Palapa? Instead there was only one, I hoped that we weren’t all getting on that one boat, my mother and father stood there frozen, there’s no way that nearly (and I quote) “400!” people were getting on that boat! People were yelling, “I refuse to take my child on that boat!” a mother said. “It’s our only chance at surviving,” the father said.  I heard the mother grumble. With the waves crashing, we reluctantly walked down the ramp leading to the beach. There was a ladder on the side that we climbed. Once we boarded the boat, I wanted to leave, I wanted to jump off and swim back to shore, like what is this? The boat is clearly unstable, people are arguing about nonsense, babies are crying, I just can’t bear it anymore! I wanted to close myself off from the world, I wanted to somehow shut everyone out. 

I got over it eventually, what I can’t get over is my need to go to the bathroom! Wait what’s that over there? There’s a hole leading to the ocean!

…So I’m back, I saw a hole in the boat, let’s just say I don’t need to go anymore. I turned around to notice people panicking, I only did number one though! I don’t get it, I turned to my parents looking at me with a look of concern in their eyes, I then realised they weren’t looking at me, they were staring at something else behind me, I turned, there’s a crack in the boat. I was frozen, I was going to walk to my parents. “Don’t move, one of the other families said. I stood there dumbfounded, surely I can just walk to my parents without making it worse. I attempted to step forward, there was a creak, I saw people moving around, someone brought something to cover the crack. “Phew” as I sighed in relief, this made people realise that we need to be a bit more cautious. People started to make these weird shapes on the largest amount of space we had, they made two waves with an oval in the middle. “SOS,” one of the children said to me. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s a distress signal that means Save Our Souls,” they said. “Oh ok thank you,” I said, they shrugged and just walked away.


It is night time, the children lay asleep while the parents stay up worried about the dangers put in the sea, everything was quiet. When I closed my eyes it felt as if no one else was here in this boat except my family and I, that’s when the storm came. We heard the rain drops on the top deck getting heavier, leaking. Water started to come from the ceiling, the sound of thunder rumbling in the sky, families huddled up together praying. The babies were crying. At this very moment I had to put my faith in Allah.

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