The City from Peter’s Perspective – Nikita

I stand in line with my Papa, We stand behind a woman and her child. She is sobbing. I shed a tear as I look back at my home thinking about the times my friends and I would run around. I chuckled to myself. My Papa holds my hand tightly as we begin to walk. As we are walking I hear a loud boom. I jump as I look back “no!” I cried. My father looks at me “keep walking” he says. I cry as we walk, My home I think. I hear soldiers killing people. I am disgusted by them. I look back again, I see houses collapsing turning into ruins. The soldiers run around breaking into houses, families scream in horror. I cover my ears but, I can still hear them. My father looks at me “it’s alright” he says. How could it be alright? How can soldiers ruining our homes be alright?. I see jets soaring through the air dropping missiles. As they drop. I see black smoke merge into the air.


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